Cafe brog ! Coffee roaster,Tack writing this brog (~o~)

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Hi !
Good good morning (^O^)

How is everything going with you ?

I hope everything going very well and everything treat you wonderful nicely !!

This is Tack (Takashi Suzuyama,also my nick name is Danchou , so either one you can call me)

I have been roasting coffee at Kyoto Japan for almost 30 years.

You might have tasted “Masainokaze” which I roasted.

Anyway, “Masainokaze” means “Wind from Masai” !
You see,
I want you feel “Wind from Masai,Kenya on my coffee !

And, I really want to make you make nice smile and happy when you drink “Masainokaze””Wind from Masai” !

So, I am roasting “Wind from Masai” at very countryside of Kyoto.
Overthere, I put the nature and pure natural wind into “Wind from Masai” .

These pictures are my tiny coffee roasting factory in countryside of Kyoto.

Anyway, now I am writing my blog in English first time.

So, I feel kind of excited and in tension (*_*)

I feel so sorry that my English is poor.

I feel it is so difficult to express my idea in English.

But, I will try to express my idea and what ever !

I am going to try to write the blog often , so please let me kmow how express anything !

The pictures are my tiny factory and the person who bought “Wind from Masai” for his girl frend  and next to him is me.
He is from Finland.

So, can you imagin tasting and talking “Wind from Masai” in Finland !!

I am excited !

Now, I want to say thank you for stopping by my shop at Tenjin-san Kyoto and whatever.

I hope you feel happy with my “Wind from Masai” !!

I wish you’ll have a smilling nice day !

Love, Tack